• blok workspace

    Blok is a workspace designed and built in collaboration with Arix studios. It is located on the same site as Rangin Khaneh. A previous project completed in 2017 with the same client. Essentially the building is a hut. It consists of metal frame as primary structure and timber as secondary structure. additionally, The timber also acts as the cladding and thermal envelope. The economy of means acts as a key player in the project namely the proportions of windows are dictated by the size of standard off-the-shelf timber found in the area. The concept is very basic, a shelter to save humans from the hostile elements of nature. From a distance one can only see the metal sheets of the single side sloping roof, just there, levitating, providing a shelter. The building sits on metal columns to save it from possible seasonal flooding considering its apporxmilaty to the river nearby.