• 1501

    1501 is a villa situated within the 2000 valley, located just a 20-minute drive from Tonekabon in the North of Iran. The site is located relatively close to an old village named Paeen Ushtaj, with a view to the Alborz mountains. The projects aim to understand the vernacular architecture and define its own definition of 'Modern'.
  • Rangin Khaneh

    Rangin Khaneh is a self-build farmhouse, situated in the periphery of Tonekabon, Mazandaran, Iran. The clients were two brothers, childhood friends of mine who moved from the capital, Tehran to the north to pursue their dreams. The project consists of local material and simple solutions. It is part of a bigger picture which the Besharat family farm, yet to be realized. At the moment, 'Rangin Khaneh' (which translates to 'House of colours'), is available to rent as a part of a farm stay program.
  • blok workspace

    Blok is a workspace designed and built in collaboration with Arix studios. It is located on the same site as Rangin Khaneh. A previous project completed in 2017 with the same client. Essentially the building is a hut. It consists of metal frame as primary structure and timber as secondary structure. additionally, The timber also acts as the cladding and thermal envelope. The economy of means acts as a key player in the project namely the proportions of windows are dictated by the size of standard off-the-shelf timber found in the area. The concept is very basic, a shelter to save humans from the hostile elements of nature. From a distance one can only see the metal sheets of the single side sloping roof, just there, levitating, providing a shelter. The building sits on metal columns to save it from possible seasonal flooding considering its apporxmilaty to the river nearby.
  • The Quintuple house / under construction

    The quintuple house is a holiday house. The client is a man in his 60s building a house to leave for his three daughters and their families. The client just lost his wife less than a year ago before commissioning the project and it appears he is still living with the trauma. The project is about 5 blocks, three closed blocks acting as the main dwelling space, a concrete bridge, and the space formed in the middle of the named four blocks which forms an internal courtyard. On a deeper level, the courtyard is a metaphor for the late mother of the family, not existing in a concrete manner, but rather by memories of her family. I will be acting as the lead architect and collaborating with Salah Krichen of 121 collective, Amirali Rastegar and Arman Mashhadi.
  • Maison Aminzade

    Maison Aminzade is a dwelling in the periphery of Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran. Designed for a family of an accountant. The project aims to find what 'Modern' would mean in its context. On this project I act as the lead architect, collaborating with Arman Mashhadi, Amirali Rastgar, and Serina Harb. As 2nd of June 2019, it is under construction, we building up the primary structure. FINAL UPDATE : January 2020 : Saddened to let you know we had to make the hard decision to withdraw from the project because of constant changes made by the client which made the realisation of the project impossible. The project was designed twice with no further charges and yet while the masonry walls were constructing the client made drastic changes such as changing the main entrance or the opening without noticing the design group. Maison Aminzade which aimed to be your favorite dom-ino house now will be completed by mood swings and momentary changes with no consideration, very sad.
  • 1502 / construction halted

    1502 is a dwelling in the hills of 2000 valley of Tonekabon, Mazandaran, Iran. The construction started in early 2016, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, it is paused at the moment. The primary structure is completed and it is awaiting its destiny. Initially, I started the design as a one-man team, but at the moment would be glad to collaborate on this project, if you find it interesting contact me.
  • Chapel in Rwanda

    I had the privilege to be a part of 121 collective for the competition. The following description is from 121 collective : The project focusses on bringing the people of Rukomo together, through utilising the openness of the site. This is a place for communities to gather not only during religious pilgrimages but also during times of joy and happiness. The scheme involves a series of interventions that comprise the site of; a bell tower used to locate the site and invite people in during times of prayer, a visitor centre that can be given to the community as a place of exchange and the chapel. These are scattered around the central hearth of the site, further emphasising the communal importance within the open space. The space allows for a multitude of people from different social backgrounds to come together in one place and is surrounded by a barrier of trees, acting as shelter encircling the central ring; the atrium. The bell tower stands out from within the trees, offering the viewer a glimpse of the building upon approaching the site. The entrance of the chapel is located on the East side of the building through the parvis which is formed of a lightweight, weaving timber structure that allows light to filter through. This space directs visitors from East to West where they are met with an intimate view down the nave towards the presbytery where the alter sits.
  • Villa Levitate

    The project is a dwelling designed for an affluent doctor in the city of Tonekabon. Situated in the high-end neighbor of Karim Abad it conveys the concept a mass levitating from the ground. I act as the lead architect and collaborate with Amirali Rastegar. The project is awaiting local authority permission and set to start the construction by the end of the summer.
  • CAP V

    The project is about the renovation of an office, located in Tavanir area, Tehran. The construction began in January 2020 and the aim is to finish it by March. As the lead architect, I collaborate with Mohsen Abusadeghi and Pegah Moradkhani. The project aims to explore the 'hardcore of beauty' in materials and dialogues through contrast.