• Maison Aminzade

    Maison Aminzade is a dwelling in the periphery of Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran. Designed for a family of an accountant. The project aims to find what 'Modern' would mean in its context. On this project I act as the lead architect, collaborating with Arman Mashhadi, Amirali Rastgar, and Serina Harb. As 2nd of June 2019, it is under construction, we building up the primary structure. FINAL UPDATE : January 2020 : Saddened to let you know we had to make the hard decision to withdraw from the project because of constant changes made by the client which made the realisation of the project impossible. The project was designed twice with no further charges and yet while the masonry walls were constructing the client made drastic changes such as changing the main entrance or the opening without noticing the design group. Maison Aminzade which aimed to be your favorite dom-ino house now will be completed by mood swings and momentary changes with no consideration, very sad.